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Personalized Coaching

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- Session based on the topic of your choice.
- Initial phone or WhatsApp video chat consultation
(30 minutes max).
- 60 - 90 minute video that I personally prepare for you.
- Any required PDF documentation to support the session.
- Email support regarding questions that you may have about the session.
- Follow-up phone or WhatsApp video chat Q & A if needed
(20 minutes max).


After you make your purchase from the available session options, I will contact you within 24 hours by providing you with a questionnaire and options for scheduling your initial phone or WahtsApp video chat consultation.

The answers that you provide in your questionnaire, along with the information that I acquire from our initial consultation, will furnish me with what I will need in order to produce a video and any supporting documentation for the session. This content is prepared specifically for you — a one-of-a-kind personalized session.

I normally provide the session within 3 - 7 business days depending on my schedule at the given time and the complexity of the material to be covered.

Once I have provided you with the session, you may email me as needed with any questions that you may have. You also have the option of a follow-up phone or WhatsApp video chat Q & A to discuss anything related to the session.


I have found that my methods as described above are far more productive than live video
(including in-person) sessions. A lot of valuable time can be wasted during such sessions. "So what about clinics?" you ask. Clinics are a totally different scenario than personal coaching. Clinics by design are intended to be more of an impromptu, open dialogue type of event.

Personal video-based coaching should allow for the most focused content, avoiding any time being wasted with getting off on tangents or engaging in unnecessary back-and-forth conversation, which inevitably occurs with a live video conference style session
(or even in-person sessions for that matter). Such distractions from the content to be presented interferes with the maximum use of the allotted time frame for the session. With personal video-based instruction I can provide you with the greatest amount of concentrated content regarding the topic of the session. Then you can take notes, jot down questions and get answers and clarifications via email or a follow-up phone/video chat.

Through the questionnaire and initial consultation, I can then provide condensed, pin-point coaching that maximizes the time spent in my recorded session. This assures the most efficient bang for your buck.

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