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While the majority of my time was spent in recording studios playing drums for a wide variety of endeavors over the years (artist demos, television or radio commercials, movie or gaming soundtracks and countless other behind-the-scenes music), I did have opportunities to record and play live with some amazing musicians and singers. On this page I am going to share some of my favorite music from a select few of those projects that I worked with. As you scroll down the page the song listings will go from most recent to oldest. If you enjoy any of this music you can purchase MP3 downloads of the album, or any of the individual songs. You may also take advantage of the 3 Album Collection in the "Specials" section at the Online Shop for a terrific bundle savings!

Kick Tommy is a band that I co-founded with guitarist Gary Walton. It featured Chris Rogers on vocals. Besides drumming, I produced this album and co-wrote all of the songs. The album was mastered by Steve Corrao in Nashville (Sage Audio).

Deaf Symphony was another band that I co-founded with guitarist Matt Cerbin. It again featured Chris Rogers on vocals, along with Howard Askeland on guitars. Besides drumming, I co-wrote most of the songs and produced both albums. Song #10 "Say I Do" on the 'Fear the Night' album was a song that I wrote as my marriage proposal to my wife. The 'Fear the Night' album was mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill and mastered by Steve Corrao in Nashville (Sage Audio).

Black Garden was a project that I got involved with upon invite from the extremely talented Matt Cerbin. Matt composed, recorded and produced all of the music, played all of the instruments (besides drums) and provided the vocals as well. Predominantly instrumental, it featured a somewhat compressed techno-style mix and I would classify it as 'Symphonic Goth Metal.' Below are my favorite tracks from the project. Matt and I then went on to form the Deaf Symphony project seen/heard above.

The following songs come from a variety of artists that I recorded and played live with over the years. These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to share.

Songs 1 & 2 feature singer Johnny Edwards who is an amazing talent. Johnny sang with Montrose, King Kobra, and Buster Brown. Johnny also took over for Lou Gramm after he left the band Foreigner and can be heard on the album "Unusual Heat", which was an amazing album. He left Foreigner after a couple of years to raise a family when the grunge music scene sidtracked the new Foreigner.

Songs 3 thru 6 feature singer Jeff Scott Soto. Jeff is an extremely versatile and powerful singer and has had a huge amount of commercial success. He is one of my all-time favorite singers. He has provided vocals for Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Sons of Apollo and as a solo artist. He has also contributed vocals to dozens of other well-known bands and guitarists worldwide.

Songs 7 thru 11 feature world-renowned guitarist Joshua Perahia (the band Joshua) and singer Robin Kyle Basuari. This was a great and underrated project.

Songs 12 thru 15 feature  guitarist Howard Askeland and singer Brenda Barboni and were my first professional recordings back in 1986.

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