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My Voices

And other abilities I bring to a project

Whether you need a voice actor for a commercial, video tutorial, narration, business presentation, audio book, cartoon, video game, public address announcements, TV & radio imaging, network affiliate tags, or any other type of media, you need a voice talent that captivates listeners.


Being a true voice talent goes far beyond simply having a nice sounding voice. First, being comfortable in front of a live microphone while being recorded is far more difficult than most people could imagine. Clarity, flexibility, proper enunciation, appropriate pacing, speaking with confidence, a unique delivery based on the content and a voice that can act are all critical attributes that any professional voice talent must bring to the table. I bring all of these qualities to every voice that I create.

I have recorded thousands of voice-overs in my time, most of those recorded in my own home studios with my state-of-the-art gear. I can provide broadcast-quality content with ultra-fast turnaround times.

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Audio Book Intro

Radio Commercial

Public Address Announcement

More Samples

I also provide complete production and editing services regarding video and audio for all of the types of projects listed above and much more. I write scripts, storyboards and all associated content related to projects. I can furnish fully-mastered, broadcast-quality final renderings of video and audio projects.


I can provide quick turnaround times when required, even same-day service, but almost always within 24 hours.

To discuss my voice talents, or other capabilities, for your upcoming project, please feel free to email me at: contact@VoicesOfLarryCox.com.

Brief Studio Tour

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Client Remarks

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Ananya Laghari

“Larry's voice work is impeccable. The quality of his work, his turnaround time frames and his ability to create a multitude of voices are all impressive.”

 -  Fox Affiliates Coordinator

Aaban Nasir

“We wanted unique & entertaining voicemail greetings for our entire staff. Larry provided 73 unique & captivating voicemail greetings that greatly improved our ratio between messages left & hangups.”

Canopa Enterprises, Inc

Shanon Lee

Hachette Book Group

“Larry's amazing ability to create such a wide variety of voices has made him our go-to source for 80% of our audio books, from children's material to corporate content. Incredible!”


Aaron Campos

“Our firm has utilized Larry for a variety of radio and TV ad campaigns. His versatility for writing scripts, composing music & his voices are invaluable .”

-  Sociallyin Agency


Jenny Phillips

“Our advertising agency handles a wide spectrum of clients from executive content to animation. Larry's range of voices handles 60% of our content.”

-  Ogilvy Group

Stanton Miller

Bethesda Game Studios

“Larry has it all, the voices, the professional gear, the work ethic and the professionalism. He's been our go-to guy for character voices since 2005. I highly recommend him!”

Microphone - Video Intro.png